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Getting beyond your sexless marriage is worth $50,000

Information Update
from Dr. Andrew D. Atwood, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

This material is presented for educational and informational purposes only. No other claims are made. Always consult your health care professional for specific recommendations.

If a lack of sexual desire has you stuck, then here is some good news that might motivate you the lack of sexual desire in your relationship. Take this article, sit down alone, and then with your partner, and discuss the very real implications involved. If one or both of you is suffering from a lack of sexual desire, maybe the amount of happiness you are foregoing will capture your interest.

In July 2004, the National Bureau of Economic Research released a report titled “Money, Sex, and Happiness: An Empirical Study.” Here is what they found:

  • Having more money doesn’t mean you have more sex.
  • There is no difference between the frequency of sex and income level.
  • Sex seems to have a greater effect on happiness levels in highly educated (and it is presumed, wealthier) people than on those with lower educational status.
  • Overall, the happiest people are those who are happily married people who report having 30% more sex than single people!
  • The researchers figure that those who stay in a lasting and happy marriage have happiness, which equates to getting an extra $100,000 each year.
  • Divorce, on the other hand, translates into a happiness depletion of $66,000 annually.

The conclusion is pretty clear: The happiest among us are those who are happily married, and having good sex at least weekly.

Now, here is the big question: Is it the great marriage that leads to great sex? Or, is it great sex that leads to a great marriage? While more research is being done around this question it does seem a bit like the chicken and the egg.

Dartmouth College economist David Blachflower and University of Warwick in England economist Andrew Oswald wrote their report after studying 16,000 people. Their findings indicated that sex “enters so strongly (and) positively in happiness equations” that they estimate that if a couple in a sexless marriage (10 times a year or less) were to increase their frequency of intercourse to weekly, that would equate to the amount of happiness generated by getting an additional $50,000 in income for the average American.

Of course, it is more than getting it on… it is about enjoying having sex with your partner.

So my conclusion is that those of us who enjoy having weekly sex with our partner experience more happiness in life, and that happiness compares to about a $50,000 boost in income!

Yes, there are real reasons to address your relationship, especially if it is a sexless marriage. Your lack of sexual desire, or your partner’s, should be addressed because of the sheer happiness that can be yours if you are in a satisfied and sexy marriage. So have that talk with yourself, and/or with your partner, and apply some hopeful solutions.

Dr. Atwood

Hopeful Solutions for Your Sexless Marriage is the BIG, 173 page eBook written by Dr. Atwood. The companion volume is You Can Save Your Marriage. You can find both at www.HopefulSolutions.net. Dr. Andrew D. Atwood, LMFT. 534 Fountain St. NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49503 - Voice 616.456.1178 - Email DrAtwood@HopefulSolutions.net. ©2002-2004 Save Your Marriage, PLC. All rights reserved.

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